Women and Football

Although it is a male-dominated sport, football is a sport open to both genders, especially to women, and we don’t mean bikini-clad women fighting on the field.
Though women’s football may not be as popular as men’s football – yet, it does however have great potential to show that women are just as capable as men.
In fact, there is a great demand from TV audiences for women’s football that many of us should be supporting!
Not only that, we are now at the time where women and football can now be seen playing side to side with the big boys of the league and even on the international stage of bedste live stream fodbold.

In this article, we’ll show you the best examples of women in football:

Sue sets her sights on the Gunners (Arsenal)
FA Cup fifth round preview, 30th January 2005

Birmingham City.

The Gunners,who have been unbeaten since December 2003 in domestic football and favourites to retain their Nationwide Women’s Premier League crown as well as the FA Cup, have already beaten Leeds in the League even though it was by only a 1-0 scoreline.

Sue Smith, a Leeds and England winger, said: “Arsenal are the best team in the country and they are very difficult to play against, but we gave them a close game at their place in the League and we aim to go one better in the Cup.
“We’ve been working very hard on how to stop them playing and getting our own game going against them, and we’ll certainly be going into the game with a positive attitude and believing we can win it.
“Too many teams go into matches against Arsenal with a negative attitude and if you do that, you’re beaten before you start. That’s not our way, and we feel we have the individual players and the team spirit to get a result on Sunday.”

In fact, women have made so much more contributions to football that spearheaded the changes we see in football, and there’s an awful lot of people who tuned in to watch women’s football in the previous and coming years; all these despite the negativity and archaic views of other people who don’t see any future for women’s football.
But like most sports, women’s football really has great potential – there was a whopping four million people who cared enough to tune into their TVs over to Channel 4 and watched England play against the Netherlands in the semi-finals of the European Championships; and that’s just the beginning of women’s football as there are more and more people and countries who are working to put women’s football in centerstage.

And if we looked further, younger girls are taking a keen interest in football more than ever.
Now, if you’re a father and have a daughter who is interested in taking up football, don’t hesitate to take the helm and encourage her to take up the sport as this will boost her confidence among her peers and live a healthy lifestyle even if your daughter won’t play the sport professionally.
(But things can change over time and your daughter might just be the first woman to take your country and family to new places.)