Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority

The Association has 28 small to medium sized tour operators who are paid up members and located in various provinces in PNG. wine tasting melbourne fed square TOAPNG membership is made up of all tour operators both Full Affiliate and Associate.

1. Support and Referral

We are an association that focuses on tour operations in the country and are committed to supporting our members by providing up to date information on the industry and referring potential clients to our members.

2. Marketing and Networking

TOAPNG offers its members the opportunity to market, promote and showcase their tour products at local and international travel shows.

Your attendance at the AGMs, Meetings, Workshops and Seminars are intended to build long term relationships, maximize business growth opportunitites and exchange ideas with tother members and industry members, partners and stakeholders.

3. Products and Services

Our network has cost saving products and services that offer reasonable discounts to members in request through the association.

4. Advocacy and Lobbying

We are your voice to the industry and the national tourism office. We communicate your position; listen to your feedback and recommendations, ensuring your views on critical issues that impact or affect your business development and growth are heard. We work closely with national tourism office and Papua New Guinea Tourism Industry Association (PNGTIA), the umbrella body of the tourism industry in PNG, so that the industry is unified and well focused. We encourage you to have your say in the future direction of TOAPNG, to ensure our services are relevant to your needs.

5. Growth, Development and Partnership

We focus on issues affecting our members’ business growth and development through training in areas that are relevant to their businesses, assisting members to source project funding through PNGTIA and national tourism office or through sourcing donor funding through national tourism office to develop specific projects for qualified members.

We collaborate and partner with PNGTIA and national tourism office to create a strong foundation to develop tour industry in PNG. Through national tourism office we connect with government, businesses and donor agencies from around the region to assist with project development, funding, training, workshops and other relevant issues in the tourism industry.