Inflatable Hot tub Running Costs

Having your own inflatable hot tub is the perfect way to relax and unwind after an exhausting day at work while reading your favorite book and sipping your favorite drink as you relax in the soothing streams and jets of your inflatable hot tub.
But wait… Something troubles your mind as you wade in the waters of your inflatable hot tub, how much will it cost me to keep my own inflatable hot tub running?

Owning and maintaining an inflatable hot tub is cheaper than you think, in fact, simply owning one will cost you half of that from an actual built in outdoor hot tub or spa.

How Much Will It Cost To Run an Inflatable Hot Tub?
As mentioned above, the cost of running an inflatable hot tubs center isn’t that expensive, we’ve estimated that it will cost around $8.76 to $13 (or £7 to £10) a week, however, while you may keep your heater running for a good 72 hours, there are other ways to keep the heat in your inflatable hot tub such as utilising the use of a cover for your inflatable hot tub.
Having a cover keeps the heat in your inflatable hot tub while you do other things or wait for your friends or special someone to come over.

Note that what we have above is merely an estimate, it may vary on your electricity supplier, or any similar organizations, and how much they are going to charge you.

Other factors that will determine the cost of running your inflatable hot tub will be its size, the bigger your inflatable hot tub will be, the more costly it will be. Besides using a cover for your inflatable hot tub to keep it warm, you may also purchase a floor protector to keep the cold from coming up in your inflatable hot tub.
Most brands of inflatable hot tubs include are thermostatically regulated, meaning the heater will switch when your inflatable hot tub hits your desired temperature or if it falls to a certain degree.

Here are some helpful tips you should know and implement when using your inflatable hot tub:
An electric heater will heat the water of your inflatable hot tub much slowly compared to that of a gas heater (an electric unit will heat your inflatable hot tub at around 2 to 3 degrees per hour), however, this means that heating speed is not that important.
The smaller the size of your inflatable hot tub, the less your heating cost will be.
It’s recommended that you setup your inflatable hot tub in a sheltered or covered area such as against a wall or a covered patio.
Don’t take for granted the insulating cover and floor pads, they can really be of great help for keeping the heat in your inflatable hot tub.
Your environment is also another factor in keeping your inflatable hot tub’s cost at a minimum such as using your inflatable hot tub during the summer months rather than during the cold winters.
A 220 volt can heat your inflatable hot tub more quickly than a 110 volt.
And lastly, most users of an inflatable hot tub recommend to heat your inflatable for 10 to 15 minutes compared to a couple of hours, especially if you need a few hours to unwind and relax during your day.