Development and manufacture of roofing systems

Roofing system

Whether it is to build or renovate, modernize or expand our roof – our comprehensive range of products and diverse system solutions help to protect roofs, secure long-term building structures and improve the quality of life. Since its founding in 1993, it has developed into one of the leading and internationally active manufacturers and suppliers of roofing and systems engineering roofing companies in birmingham al.
The company, headquartered in Herzberg / Elster in Brandenburg, Germany, today employs more than 100 people, its subsidiaries MAGE Italia srl ​​in Italy and MAGE Herzberg Sp.z.o. In Poland, as well as production sites in Malaysia and the USA, is part of the strong corporate group of the global MAGE Group.

The latest brochure of the MAGE Roof & Building Components GmbH contains all important information about the yellow printing of the ZVDH as well as a sample calculation for the calculation of snowplough. We now also have a fax form ready for you to fill out and send us to us – we carry out all the calculations for you and help you choose the right snowmaking system.

Herzberg GmbH has continuously developed its product range over the past few years. It has now been possible to complete the range of films and adhesive tapes by product, and the new system catalog “Air and wind seal” has been used in a simple and intuitive way to simulate the AirTex product range of the under-tensioning tracks, steam brakes and barrier as well as adhesive tapes and other accessories in a complete system Application in and on the roof. For this purpose, the sales team was prepared for customer questions in a product training course and trained on various practical application examples.

Herzberg GmbH, headquartered in Herzberg / Elster, is an internationally active manufacturer of roof and system engineering. For over 35 years, MAGE has been known as a partner to the craft and industry. We use our expertise and knowledge to always offer our customers an innovative and sustainable product program. Integrated into the global MAGE GROUP, we draw on the know-how of four divisions and integrate these activities into complete systems.

The MAGE Roof & Building Group is a company that is passionate about the development and production of roof and system construction technology. Our goal is to deliver quality products that meet the high requirements of our customers and their tasks. Customers and suppliers, are constantly involved in the process of further development of the product. Created with solution, this impress the functionality, durability and reliability of the product and it’s really one of a kind. Numerous innovations over the last two decades are the result of this partnership-based company philosophy and secure a strong market position for the MAGE Roof & Building Group.
Effective product diversity with consistent sustainability

MAGE Roof & Building has two business areas: the development and manufacture of roofing systems on the one hand, and the industrial production of system components on the other. In this business segment, we produce roof-mounted system components, such as dormers, in a wide variety of designs and variations. Whether you need high-quality system components in individual production or large quantities for large-scale projects – we offer you all services from individual consulting, development and project planning to ready-for-delivery delivery just-in-time. The range of offerings in the roofing division ranges from ventilation systems for the first, ridge and eaves, connection systems for walls, chimneys, throats and walkways, through and solar accessories via roofing and safety systems, to components for air, wind and air conditioning Compact design of roof and building.

Group offers numerous product and system solutions for economical and practical for consumers which roofers and carpenters or the contractors and even the architects with planners profit daily. Based on our experience and competence, we constantly work on the optimization of our products and always develop innovative and efficient solutions. We attach great importance to the use of high-quality and long-lasting materials while at the same time conserving raw materials with a sustainable use of resources.