Animal hunting and tour

We have been outfitting in Russia and the other CIS countries since 1991. Our success rates and hunter satisfaction record are excellent! Each hunt is personally escorted by one of our agents. We don’t send people to Russia—we take them! We have been working with the same Russian outfitter since 1991—he’s the best there is. Our hunting areas are excellent, considered the most productive and their location not shared with many. We not only hunt in Russia, we also show you some of the sights and charm of the country and it’s people. Most trips include a private tour after the hunt. Cost of hotels, food, etc. are included in the package! After most hunts we will visit either: St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev or some other exotic city. Many people call this the highlight of the trip. A number of hunters take their wives (whether or not they are hunters) along to tour the cities while we hunt, joining them for a tour at the end of the hunt. The hunting is beyond belief, the people treat us great, and it’s a chance to see and experience what it must have been like for our ancestors who first explored this country. AND, best of all, it’s inexpensive.
Red Stag – Ukraine or Russia – $5995.00
When: Season runs from September through October.
How: Still hunting, stand hunting, drives.
Facilities: We have several different camps which are similar to what we would call a cottage here in the U.S. Most feature hot and cold running water, showers, flush toilets, comfortable beds and heat. We will have a full time cook in camp to prepare hot meals and clean-up.
Weather: Fall-like weather with temperature ranging from 30-40 in the morning and 60-70 during the day.
Type of Terrain: We have several different camps with some featuring mostly flat areas of brush, tall grass or sparse tree cover and others heavily forested. You will see fewer stags in forest camps but your chances of taking a very good trophy are greater.
Recommended Firepower: 7mm mag 30:06, 300 mag, 308.
Shooting Distance: From 50-350 yards. Most shots at 100 to 200 yards.
Other Trophies Available: Some camps offer Mouflon sheep and/or Fallow Deer. Tag fees are paid only after trophy is taken on secondary species. If you are interested in hunting these animals, you will have Best crossbow for deer hunting, the fees will be available a couple of months before we leave. Side trips for wild boar, roe deer, etc. can be arranged for extra costs.
Price Includes: All local transportation in country of hunt, food and lodging, guides, license, tag fees, gun permits, trophy fees, skinning and salting of hides, Interpreters, tours where available (hotels, etc)
Price Excludes: Round trip air from International point of departure in U.S. (usually Chicago, IL or Anchorage, AK), personal items such as souvenirs, gratuities, extra baggage fees, transportation to Chicago, IL or Anchorage, AK, any taxidermy and trophy related shipping/handling fees, etc.
Conditions: A deposit of $1500 is required to secure hunt on all single species hunts and $2500 to secure hunt on all combo hunts.