5 Ways You can Import Japanese Used Cars From – You Guessed It’s Japan!

Want to get a used car? Don’t just wander over to a used car lot and hope for the best. There’s the online option, too. Ceramic coating Melbourne And while there are lots of great deals online, too many people stick with the traditional mode of buying cars that way, which is to buy them only in their local market.

Don’t get stuck in the ‘local’ trap’ here are 5 extremely good reasons to order a used car from as far away as Japan.

#5: Japanese Take Extremely Good Care of Their Cars.

Here’s the fact – there are a ton of well-maintained good cars in Japan, and it’s hard to find a badly kept one. Most of their cars are kept up as thought they were completely new, and even the oldest of cars will probably make you wonder why more cars aren’t like the Japanese used cars.

#4: Their Roads are Amazing.

The exacting standards go for the roads, too, all the streets and bigger roads in Japan are in great shape, and that means that the car you buy will have been driving on those great roads for the last several years. The idea of a damaged car due to a pot hole isn’t really a common notion.

#3: The Japanese Government is Crazy About Checkups.

Why are the cars in such great shape? A lot of it has to do with the crazy standards the Japanese apply to their used cars. This isn’t just about exhaust standards, either but rather just how well the car is doing after being driven for 6 years. A lot of customers just switch to a new car after that time, which indicates that Japanese used cars are part of a great market.

#2: Sending a Car to Another Country isn’t Difficult.

Despite what you’ve heard, shipping a car doesn’t cost thousands ” container ships are going from port to port continuously. By using a simple system that’s called roll on, roll off, you’ll get your car in no time, and you’ll be pretty amazed at how non-pricey the shipping costs are.

#1: You Get An Exclusive Model You’ve Probably Never Seen in Your Home Country.

The Japanese car manufacturers built plants in their market countries many years ago, so any Japanese used cars you might have bought in, say, America, were specifically built for the American market. Getting a car directly from Japan, however, means you’re getting an exclusive Japanese model, often with features that were never available to you from a local dealership.

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